Corals and Coral Frags

Ever fancied sitting at home buying Corals and Coral Frags online from a company that you can trust? We know that if the coral frags you receive are not of the best quality and value you will not use us again.

So we only supply the very best corals and  coral frags to keep you coming back.

So try our coral online service. We will never ship out a coral colony or coral frag that we wouldn’t choose for our own tanks. Yes that’s the difference the staff that pick your corals all have their own aquariums. The staff at the Recifat, are as passionate as you about the husbandry and welfare of the livestock we offer. Our staff are all people that want to make this industry their careers and also have a deep love of the hobby. This is why the corals and coral frags delivered will be of an unbeatable quality. We think our corals are the best available online and we work very hard to keep it that way.

Coral frags are mostly cut and mounted in house with great skill an pride, using a bandsaw with a fine diamond blade. The fine diamond blade, also water cooled and lubricated facilitates high precision. So the precision afforded by the  fine blade ensures minimal damage to polyps  and a more natural look. Once cut and mounted the frags then benefit from a suitable rest period to recover and heal.

How does corals and coral frags delivered from us to you work.

  • 1: Once you place your order for your corals online, the chosen corals will be allocated.
  • 2: We will contact you to arrange a convenient shipping day, Confirmed via email.
  • 3: We will book the courier and confirm this via email.
  • 4: The livestock is packed in Styrofoam boxes with outer cardboard protection. Heat packs are used when needed and all void is filled so the corals do not roll around.
  • 5: Then when the order is collected by our couriers, order out for delivery email will be sent which includes tracking details.
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