AI Hydra 32HD Black


Make your corals stand out and flourish with the AI Hydra 32HD Black.

  • Tank lighting with more LEDs
  • Greater par
  • More spread
  • Amazing optic design
  • Improved water resistance
  • Thinner profile
  • Dedicated moonlight channel
  • Wider spectrum (channels)
  • Easy setup
  • Easier and faster to connect to myai app

AI Hydra 32HD Black

AI Hydra 32HD. More LED’S, More Power And Great Colours

GIve your fish tank the latest in aquarium lighting with AI Hydra 32HD Black. Featuring 20% more LED lighting than the previous coral lighting with more power and colours for the ultimate coral experience.

Evolution of Coral LEDs

Lessons learnt from Several generations of LED’s, plus feedback from hobbyists and Pro’s have been packed into this Model. That said the Hydra 32 will not only sustain corals but it will make them grow and flourish. The Ai Hydra 32 black features a new Moonlight channel has been added to aid coral spawning asked for by the Pro’s. It has a acclimate program to help reduce the stress that new corals can go through. And now it is all packaged in a new sleek less bulky and also thinner design.

Grow your Coral

These AI Aquaillumination flagship lights will help stimulate coral growth and showcase the amazing colours in your tropical aquarium


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  • Dashboard – Each tank has a dashboard with easy-to-access quick keys for turning your lights on/off or changing the mode.
  • Schedule Mode – clever schedule mode is also easy to program which gives more time for you to enjoy your hobby.
  • Manual Mode: Kelvin – Set your lights to the exact colour temperature your corals need with a handy Kelvin wheel.
  • Acclimation – Installing new equipment can be stressful for your livestock. The Ai Hydra 32 acclimation mode provides the gentle transition they need to adapt and thrive.

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