Aqua One Oakstyle 145


Volume: 145 Litres

Aquarium Dimensions: 81W x 38D x 55H cm

Cabinet Dimensions: 88W x 41D x 78H cm

Heater: 200W

Lighting: LED

Filtration: Ocellaris 850 External Filter

Colour: Oak

Aqua One Oakstyle 145 Oak effect. Aqua One have taken fish keeping in a different direction with the aqua oak range. By offering a quality-built glass aquarium and farmhouse or cottage style cabinet. The cabinet has the appearance of furniture from a cottage or farmhouse. The cabinet has a generous amount of room for all the aquatic paraphernalia, you will come to own.  It Features two Drawers, which is quite different, not many fish tank stands have a drawer.

Aqua Oakstyle 145 Oak Effect Equipment.

The aquarium set comes complete with equipment. Supplied with the Oakstyle 145 is the Ocellaris 850 external filter. The Ocellaris 850 is a good filter and we sell many of these both in store and also online. There is a standard glass heater Rated at 200 watts, by aqua one a robust reliable piece of kit. The light is good enough to illuminate the Aqua One Oakstyle 145 and, has a nice colour so will be fine for fish and ornaments. If, however you are planning a planted aquarium you will need to upgrade to a better higher powered light such as a Fluval plant or the best there is the Radion freshwater. The Oakstyle range of aquariums has been a massive success for aqua one. The equipment supplied is generous and reliable except for the Oakstyle 85 that has an internal filter. The cabinets are easy to assemble and the addition of Drawers is also a nice touch.

Is the Aqua One Oakstyle 145 Oak effect Good Quality?

The Oakstyle range has given us no problems, no leaky tanks or faulty equipment worth mentioning. It Must be said however that aqua one is really good at sorting out the very few problems that we have had. In Brief, that has only been a couple of switches on the Led lights and that was way back with the first batches. So, If you are looking for a contemporary designed aquarium and stand that’s well built and has good reliable equipment Look no more.   More models here .


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