Blue Tip Torch F3


1 Head, Minimum Size 40mm When Fully Expanded

Blue Tip Torch
Euphyllia glabrescens
Hard coral
Care level: Moderate
Suitable for: Intermediates
Light: Moderate
Flow rate: Moderate
Food: Photosynthetic and Heterotrophic

Blue Tip Torches, Euphyllia glabrescens, are magnificent hard corals. They feature long, fleshy tentacles, each tipped with a glowing eye. It is best they are cared for by more experienced hobbyists due to husbandry requirements.

Blue Tip Torches require space and a moderate flow rate. their elegant sweeper tentacles can be damaged if currents are too high. They house photosynthetic algae so need to be placed under moderate light conditions. Torches can be target fed microplankton and meaty foods small enough to handle.


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