ClariSea SK5000 Gen 3


Up To 1000 litres

The ClariSea SK5000 Gen 3 Fleece Filter.

Up to 5000 litre’s per hour


We are excited to introduce the ClariSea Gen3 Fleece Filter, which is the latest generation of our market leading, patented, roll filter system.

The new version incorporates all of the changes and improvements of the upgraded Gen 2.1 filter, but with a host of new features, the most obvious one being that the body of the unit is now pre-assembled out of the box.

• Pre-assembled body for faster installation
• Drop in fleece holder
• Updated quick release splash/silencer plates
• Top rollers with fleece guide
• Upgraded motor cruciform
• Dirty fleece removal tool
• Multi-size inlet adaptor –
fits 32mm, 40mm and 1″ pipework
• Easy fit float switch holder

• High volume filtration capacity
• Minimal installation footprint
• Completely replaces the need for filter socks
• Easy cleaning design
• Multiple installation options
• Automatic advance of dirty fleece
• Multi-function smart controller
• End of roll audible alarm
• Filter jam/float error/water depth alarm
• Phosphate free fleece material
• Special low-odour fleece material
• Integrated fail-safe overflow
• Silencer plates for quiet operation
• Water bypass system


The ClariSea SK5000 Fleece Filter Gen 3 Complete with the following new features.

Pre-assembled body for faster installation.
Drop in fleece holder.
Updated quick release splash/silencer plates.
Top rollers with fleece guide.
Upgraded motor cruciform.
Dirty fleece removal tool.
Multi-size inlet adaptor – fits 32mm, 40mm and 1″ pipework.
Easy fit float switch holder.

The D-D ClariSea SK 5000 Fleece Filter fleece filter, one of three fleece roll filters designed and also distributed by D-D aquariums. This type of filter is not new, but the affordability is. Roll filters or fleece filters have been around a long time but the prices were just silly. The ClariSea range however has brought the fleece roll filter within reach of masses with a great product at a realistic price. So, what is it and what is it for? Well basically, an automated prefilter for a sump filtered fish tank. The ClariSea fleece filter is an alternative to filter socks of filter wool, found usually in the first sump chamber.

Without doubt, filter wool or socks do a great job the downside is maintenance. If you own a sump filter you will be aware just how often the wool or socks need to be changed or cleaned. In many cases cleaning or changing becomes a daily chore. Now as much as we love our tanks they are supposedly to enjoy not employ.

What’s so good about the ClariSea Filter.

Well there are numerous things to consider, Daily maintenance becomes monthly in the worst cases and the end of roll alarm will tell you when.

Returned water always has a clean pre filter to polish and clean it giving crystal clear water. The ClariSea SK5000 traps food particles and fish waste along with non-organics from entering the main filter chambers. Unlike filter socks or wool where most of the time we find the water bypassing down the overflows as these filters do spend most time blocked.

Heavy loads of waste are not left to rot in the prefilter dissolving a polluting the tank.  Because in the event that the D-D ClariSea SK 5000’s Fleece becomes blocked it is rolled up and removed from water contact. The fact that the waste is rolled up and away from the water not only greatly reduces Phosphate and Nitrate it always givers clear clean water. Along with the lower NO3 and PO4 levels we also save money in the associated costs of removing them. So, the ClariSea SK 5000 Gen 3Fleece Filter will eventually pay for itself.

ClariSea SK5000 Fleece Filter Maintenance is hardly anything, when the roll is used the alarm will notify you. To change the ClariSea SK5000 Fleece Filter roll is an easy two minute job, then leave it be until next time.

ClariSea SK5000 Fleece Filter Features

  • Brilliantly clear water
  • Low Maintenance
  • Better light penetration due to water clarity
  • No more filter socks or filter wool.
  • High volume water throughput.
  • Many installation options.
  • Failsafe overflow.
  • Extremely quiet operation.
  • Roll jam and float switch error (audible)
  • End of roll warning (audible)
  • Small footprint 245 x 260mm

D-D ClariSea SK5000 Gen 3 Specs

  • Flow rate: up to 5,000 l/h (1320 US gph)
  • Particle size removal: down to 20 microns
  • Maximum submerged water depth: 20cm (8”)
  • Hang-on bracket height adjustment: up to 12cm (4”)
  • Maximum sump glass thickness for hang on bracket: 13mm (1/2″)
  • Recommended aquarium size at 5 x tank turn over 5(000l/hr) = 1000lt
  • Recommended aquarium size at 4 x tank turn over (5000l/hr) = 1250lt
  • Inlet connection: 32mm (1″ fitting for the U.S)
  • Filter fleece: 10cm (4”) width – length 40m (131ft)
  • Dimensions: Standard roll positions with pipework – 455mm H x 295 mm W x 260mm L
  • Dimensions: Inc pipework and roll extension arm – 455mm – 560mm H x 245mm W x 240 – 360mm L


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