EcoTech Vortech MP40


Flow: up to 17,000 lph

Flow: 4,500+ Gph (17,000+ lph)

Power Consumption: 9-38 Watts

Tank Range: 50-500+ gal (190-1,800 litres)

Max Glass Thickness: 0.75 inches (19 mm)

Tank Range: 50-500+ gal (190-1,800 litres)

Max Glass Thickness: 0.75 inches (19 mm

The EcoTech Vortech MP40 QD has been with us now for over 10 years and is still the pump that sets the standards for random flow pumps. Sure there are many copy’s  just like anything else that’s at the top of its game and yet it still stays ahead in random flow wave pumps. As a matter of fact tens of thousands of reefers rely on these pumps to keep their own little reefs to thriving.

Vortech MP40 Magnetic Drive The vortech mp40 QD the best random wave pump for you aquarium

The MP40 QD along with its siblings the Mp10 and Mp6O, features a unique and patented magnetically coupled drive system.

To explain the motor is on the out side of the tank and connects to the rotor through the glass with the strong magnets. The magnets not only keep the pumps in place they also dive the wet side rotor.

Less heat from the Ecotech MP40 Quiet Drive

All pumps create heat which can be a problem to get rid of, but the motor that produces the heat on the Vortech MP40 Quiet drive is outside of the tank. Outside of the tank means that the pumps lose most of their heat to the air rather than the water. The power cord is also outside the tank and therefore helps keep things neat and tidy inside.

Is The MP40 Quiet Drive Quiet?

The first generation of Vortechs were indeed a bit noisy, but not any more. The pump and the drivers have improved over the years leading to the current MP40 wavemaker having not only a great deal of power but, it is also lovely and quiet. All this achieved by the quiet drive driver that is standard on all current pumps. It is important to realize, It’s the VorTech MP 40 QD pump’s firmware, that gives the precise control that enables, quiet high powered wave motion.

MP40 powerhead Function

The mp40 powerhead can Stand alone but can also join other Vortech pumps as one wave making family. All able to work together to produce the best water movement you can get. VorTechs can run in sync or anti sync and this gives the best control of water wave motion. This feature can produce countless random flow patterns that without doubt gives better reefing results.

MP40 Powerhead Control

Control and setting up the Vortech MP40 wavemaker pump could not be easier using the free Mobias App. Google Plat logoAPP store logo   Program and control the VorTech pump from any smart device.

You can also have that extra peace of mind buy installing a battery back up. The back up will run the mp40 powerhead in the event of a mains power failure.



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