Eheim StreamON+ 6500 Powerhead/Magnetic


  • Compact streaming pump (3 models) for aquariums from 35l to 500l
  • Suitable for both marine and freshwater
  • Ideal for simulating natural water flow found in rivers and coral reefs, etc.
  • Optimal water circulation for a natural, smooth current
  • Increases the oxygen content, creating natural living conditions
  • Vital for corals in marine water and beneficial for fish in freshwater
  • Securely attached with a magnetic holder, can be easily adjusted
  • Ball joint allows pump

The new EHEIM streamON+ is small, compact and extremely energy efficient. The pump is attached to the aquarium with a magnetic holder and can be easily adjusted on the glass. The ball joint allows the flow outlet to swivel in all directions (3D function) and the outflow capacity can be controlled with a variable slider.


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