Eheim Universal 600 Pump


  • Pumping height max of 1.5m.
  • Large performance spectrum, developed for long service life.
  • Usage in/under water or outside the water.
  • Hermetically moulded motor guarantees complete safety.
  • Integrated pre-filter – protects the impeller from any drawn in particles and ensures longer service life.
  • Inlet connectors for safe hose connection.
  • Use of smart accessories can be attached to the inlet and outlet connectors.
  • A variety of fixing possibilities (mounting plate included).
  • All models come with 1.5 m cable.

The EHEIM universal 600 pump or 1048 from Eheims famous universal pump range. Th hobby pumps are the most reliable aquarium pumps available, they are also near silent. The pump also features outstanding continuous operation characteristics. The Eheim Universal pump 1048 can be use in and under water in fresh and marine water. The Eheim Universal 600 Pump can also be used dry or out of water. The pump has a hermetically sealed motor body that guarantees maximum safety and a long lifetime. The integrated pre-filter prevents objects from entering the impeller and ensures long performance. The inlet and out let hose connectors provide secure fittings as they are screw in and not just push fit.

Eheim Universal 600 Pump

Power usage 230 V/10 W (other voltages on request)
Pump head: 1,50 m
Pump output: 600 l/h
Power cable length: 1,7 m
Connector suction side: 12/16 mm
Connector pressure side 12/16 mm
Dimensions: (length x width x height) 147 x 75 x 118 mm
Saltwater or Freshwater
Can be used wet or dry

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