Flame Angelfish


Flame Angelfish

  • Flame Angelfish
  • Centropyge loriculus
  • Minimum tank size 100 litres well filtered and oxygenated
  • Care level beginner
  • Diet: Omnivorous
  • Coral Safe: Generally Yes
  • Critter Safe: Generally Yes

Flame Angelfish also known as Centropyge loriculus.  For years the most desired dwarf angelfish in the hobby and just one look and you can see why. The bright red body features jet black bars that resemble flames. The tips of the dorsal and anal fins fade from deep purple to electric blue. The Flame Angelfish is easy to keep and needs little experience to keep and so a perfect fish for beginners. The fish is also tough and will readily accept any pellet or flake foods. It might surprise you that we have for years been totally happy to allow them as first fish.

Flame Angelfish or Centropyge loriculus are they reef safe.

Flames are mostly reef safe but there can be exceptions but as far as Centropyge angels go they are one of the safest.

Flame angel Sexual dimorphism

Difficult to tell, the males are properly bigger and also chunkier and maybe a bit more colour in the tail fins. Pairing though is easy we have sold pairs of flame angels for years much to the ridicule of those that knew better but nowadays it has become common. We select two fish using our best guess and if they do not squabble and get along in a smallish tank for a few weeks.  Then we are confident to sell them as a compatible pair as we still cannot guarantee their sex.

Centropyge loriculus or flame angelfish distribution

West to central Pacific, ranging from eastern Indonesia to the Marquesas Islands. Common in Palau, the Marianas, Marshalls, and Society Islands. Depending on locality, occurs from shallow reef crest to 60m.


Flame angelfish are extremely chemical sensitive. So take great care when treating these fish with copper. Also, household sprays such as air fresheners can kill these fish. This also includes plug in air fresheners. Flames are not the only fish that succumb to air fresheners and the like but will be one of if not the first to die.

Feeding Flame Angelfish

Flame Angelfish are omnivores and do best when fed a varied diet. They will accept frozen Mysis shrimp and enriched frozen brine shrimp. We enrich all our frozen food with seachem garlic guard and Atvitol vitamins. These are great for keeping fish healthy by providing them with the nutrition otherwise lost in frozen food. In doing so, these additives support their immune system and increase longevity.

Flame Angelfish will eat masstick and graze on marine algae, that can be secured to the side of the tank with clips. Over time they will accept high-quality pellet or flake. We adapt all our Angel Fish to aquarium life before they leave us. We focus on their health, and most are eating a good quality flake food and/or pellet before being offered for sale.

Dwarf Angelfish can live in a mixed group or alone. It may also be possible for them to be pairs but a few variables need to be considered. Feel free to give us a call with any questions on this matter.


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