Fluval SEA Evo 52L


  • Glass aquarium with cover
  • Fully integrated LED lighting system
  • Safe, low-voltage transformer
  • Circulation pump with output nozzle
  • Foam filter block with handle
  • BioMax insert
  • Activated carbon insert

Fluval SEA Evo 52L

The Fluval SEA Evo 52L is a good first tank for the each and all. To find out for themselves with how much ease marine tanks can be kept. This is great tank for when space is tight but you yearn for a reef tank. This is a great tank when the cost of stocking large tank is scary. This 52L marine tank is a good choice all round.

Who is Buying It.

The Evo 52L has a growing fan base that includes seasoned reefers they seem to love this little tank and there’s also a growing Evo 52L community that are in some sort of contest as to how good  or how much the can modify it. I think that the numbers are about even with beginners an experienced reefers buying this tank.

What makes Fluval SEA Evo 52L So popular.

Well it has to be said that the Evo Aquarium Kit is good looking and well made, it has that going for it. It has all the filtration hidden away nicely but it is still easy to service. the biggest draw though must be the very capable LED light that is built in. Most plug and play tanks in and around this price come with very poor lights. The result of this is a bad experience with keeping the corals with tanks that are covered in algae. You either give up or end up buying a better light and the that rarely match’s. So the sleek built in quality light is what makes it a the a winner.

What’s Fluval SEA Evo 52L got and what’s it not.

Well it has filtration and also lighting but you will need a heater around 50 watt and a thermometer. Some substrate and rock maybe backing paper and we strongly recommend a bacteria starter this is the best. You will also need some test kits and a refractometer, don’t waste you money on cheap hydrometers.

Reef builders Evo Aquarium Kit Review Skimmer Sold Separately.


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