Green Base Toadstool Leather F3


Minimum Size 28mm
  • Green Base Toadstool Leather
  • Sarcophyton sp
  • Soft coral
  • Care level: Easy
  • Suitable for: Beginner
  • Light: Moderate
  • Flow rate: High
  • Food: heterotrophic and planktivore

Green base Toadstool Leathers are incredible corals. As the name suggests, toadstools have a mushroom like morphology. They have broad stems and large flat green heads, which house masses of beautiful, long stem polyps. These corals make excellent center pieces in a marine tank and have been known to host clownfish without any trouble. They are also easy to keep and adaptable. This makes them superb for beginners or great additions to LPS reefs.

Placing Green Base Toadstool Leather.

Toadstools prefer to be in moderate light intensities. They should also be placed in high flow areas of the tank. These corals have their own cleaning routine. Every now and then they will make a waxy coat which they shed off.  Good strong currents will help your Toadstool strip off and spread their polyps out again.

Feeding Sarcophyton Leathers.

Green base Toadstool Leathers get alot of food from photosynthetic algae they house in their skeleton. However, they may also benefit being occasionally offered small foods like phytoplankton or zooplankton.


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