Green Chalice F2


Minimum Size 28mm
  • Green Chalice
  • Hard coral
  • Care level: Moderate – Difficult
  • Suitable for: Intermediates
  • Light: Low – Moderate
  • Flow rate: Slow – Moderate
  • Food: Photosynthetic and planktivorous

Green Chalice is a gorgeous coral with an intricate stripped pattern. Chalices are highly desirable, high end, plating coral. They demonstrate a variety of wonderful patterns and fluorescent colours. Most Chalices trap food on mucus membranes as opposed to using tentacles. ‘Chalice coral’ is an umbrella term for different coral species. This will mean some degree of experimentation will be required when placing them. Green Chalices host photosynthetic algae and prefer to be in low to moderate light. Start with low light and gradually move higher up to avoid accidental bleaching. The flow rate should be fairly low but high enough to avoid smothering.


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