Green Cynarina


Due to the nature of corals colours may vary slightly.
  • Green Cynarina
  • Cynarina sp
  • Hard coral
  • Care level: Easy
  • Suitable for: Intermediate
  • Light: Moderate
  • Flow rate: Low
  • Food: Photosynthetic and Heterotrophic

Green Cynarina is a bright and beautiful hard coral. They are a free living single polyps, which is unusual for a coral. Cynarina closely resemble a large flower head, owning to their deep set centers and lush lobes. These corals are easy to care for, making them suitable for someone new to LPS corals. Although, care should be taken when placing them because they are quite fleshy. This means they could be damaged by currents that are too strong or rough handling. Green Cynarina corals are not aggressive but do need room to expand. They can be target fed a variety of meaty foods and plankton.


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