Metallic Green Xenia GSP F3


Minimum size 60mm
  • Metallic Green Xenia GSP
  • Pachyclavularia violacea
  • Soft coral
  • Easy to keep
  • Suitable for: Beginners
  • Light: Medium to high
  • Flow rate: Moderate
  • Food: Photosynthetic and planktivorous

Metallic Green Xenia GSP is a popular soft coral in home marine aquaria. These coral fragments are stunning masses of vivid green, star shaped polyps. As the name suggests, these soft corals feature attractive metallic sheens, which makes them all the more vibrant. In addition, Xenia are one of the more interesting corals to keep because the polyps pulse.

These corals are fast growing and easy to keep. As a result, Xenia are ideal for someone keeping coral for the first time.  Metallic Green Xenia can handle a range of lighting conditions. They will do well under moderate light intensity. Xenia come from relatively still waters, which is why they have evolved to pulse. Some species move more than others but in general, Xenia will be happy enough in low flow areas of the tank.

Metallic Green Xenia host photosynthetic algae but will also feed on dissolved organic material and other small foods.


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