Mocha Sinularia Finger Leather


Due to the nature of corals colours may vary slightly.
  • Mocha Sinularia Finger Leather
  • Sinularia sp
  • Soft coral
  • Care level: Easy
  • Suitable for: Beginner
  • Light: Moderate
  • Flow rate: High
  • Food: heterotrophic and planktivore.

Mocha Sinularia Finger Leathers are gorgeous corals. They form elaborate branching structures that add variety to marine aquariums. Sinularia Finger Leathers are easy to keep and hardy. They are also good at retaining their colour under different light intensities. This makes them superb for beginners or great additions to LPS reefs.

Mocha Sinularia Finger Leather.

These corals should be placed with enough room to grow and away from particularly sensitive species. This is important because Sinularia are slightly toxic. With good filtration and considerate placing, they should be fine in mixed reef tanks. Please feel free to give us a call and our staff can help with any questions you may have.

Sinularia Finger Leathers prefer to be in moderate light intensities. They should also be placed in high flow areas of the tank. These corals have their own cleaning routine. Every now and then they will make a waxy coat which they shed off.  Good strong current will help your Mocha Sinularia Finger Leather strip off and spread their polyps out again.

Feeding Sinularia Finger Leather.

The Sinularia gets alot of food from photosynthetic algae they house in their skeleton. Although, they may benefit being occasionally offered small foods like phytoplankton or zooplankton.


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