Pink Candy Apple Zoanthid F2


Minimum 3 Polyps
  • Pink Candy Apple Zoanthid
  • Zoanthus sp
  • Soft coral
  • Care Level: Easy
  • Suitable for: Beginners
  • Light: Moderate
  • Flow: Moderate
  • Food: Mainly photosynthetic

Pink Candy Apple Zoa,  Zoanthids are a fantastic and diverse group of corals, famous for their exquisite patterns and colours. Zoanthids are easy to keep and an excellent coral for beginners. They need moderate light intensity and waterflow. Current speeds need to be high enough to prevent smothering from sediments deposited on or around them but not too high as to prevent them fro opening up. Zoanthids can accept supplements but are more reliant on products derived from their zooxanthellae.

Zoanthids, also called button polyps or Zoa’s. They are actually a type of colonial sea anemone. However, their care in aquariums is extremely easy and similar to soft corals. Zoanthids are one of the hardier corals available to the reef hobbyist, that usually adapt to aquarium life with ease. Button polyps need a good amount of water movement to thrive and they will appreciate random movement provided by modern programable wave makers. Lighting requirements are moderate to high, but they look there best in Led lighting with the blues up high. Feeding Zoa’s is again very easy, all Zoanthids have photosynthetic algae in their cells, which provides them with energy from sunlight. Most Zoanthids, will fare well with no other supplemented food source, but if you want them to thrive and spread, provide them with foods that they can catch or filter from the water. Even though Zoanthids are a perfect choice, coral for beginners, always handle zoanthids or button polyps with care. Some carry a nerve poison called palytoxin. Avoid handling Button polyps with broken skin and preferably wear gloves. Make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly after contact and be careful not to touch your mouth our eyes in particular whilst working with them. Take care when disposing of dead or dying zoanthids as they will still contain paltoxin.


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