Pink or Purple Tip Elegance F5


Minimum Size 50mm When Fully Expanded
  • Pink or Purple Tip Elegance
  • Catalaphyllia jardinei
  • Hard coral
  • Care level: Moderate
  • Suitable for: Intermediate
  • Light: Moderate
  • Flow rate: Moderate
  • Food: Photosynthetic and Heterotrophic

Pink or Purple Tip Elegance are beautiful, anemone-like, hard corals. They have large bright oral discs and masses of long sweeper tentacles. Each of which are tipped with a bright pink eye.

Elegance corals do well in moderate light and water flow. They are a hardy LPS species but are still best kept by hobbyists with some experience. Pink Tip Elegance are also aggressive corals. As a result, they require ample space from any neighbouring corals.  Elegance should be supplemented and target fed meaty foods, such as Krill and Mysis.


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