Quoyi Parrot


  • Parrotfish – Quoyi
  • Scarus quoyi
  • Care: Intermediate
  • Diet: Carnivorous
  • Light: Medium
  • Place of origin: Western Pacific

Parrotfish – quoyi, scarus quoyi, can be found in indo-west pacific: india to vanuatu, north to the ryukyu islands, south to new caledonia; palau (belau) in micronesia. Inhabits coral-rich areas of outer channels and seaward reefs. Occurs singly or in small groups over intertidal flats to graze on algae during high water mark.

a stunningly attractive reef safe species of parrotfish. These gentle giants are only a danger to algae. Highly recommended for the larger reef aquarium.

typically shipped at 4” to 6”, larger specimens are rare. Can grow to 10”, but, does so very slowly.

reef safe. A gentle giant, avoid keeping with aggressive species that may bully it.


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