Radion XR15 G5 Freshwater


Radion XR15 G5 Freshwater is the most powerful high-performance LED tropical aquarium light currently available.

It will outperform any other aquascaping LED light with power to spare. It is also certainly one of the more stylish lights available and adds to the overall look of your planted, Aquascaped masterpiece. We have many customers who have achieved fantastic results in both growth and colour using the previous Gen 4 Radion freshwater. We also have a growing number of planted aquarium enthusiasts having the same excellent results with this new Gen 5 freshwater model. We have swapped our own gen 4 radion freshwater LED light on a planted display to the Gen 5 and the new light is certainly superior in Power output, overall illumination, and colour.

Dimensions 18 x 18cm square 3.5cm deep

44 LED’s consisting of

  • 12 warm white
  • 24 Cool White
  • 3 Photo Red
  • 3 Green
  •  2 Blue

Power consumption variable. Maximum = 90 watt

Radion XR15 G5 Freshwater. The best freshwater plant Led by an absolute mile was the Ecotech Radion Gen 4 Freshwater. However, it is not the best anymore because there is a new one the Ecotech Radion XR15 PRO G5 Freshwater. Forget Twinstars and yes, we know that Twinstars led lights get a lot of praise from the youtubers trust us, that would change if Ecotech sent them free lights ?. Anyone who has used both a Radion and a Twinstars will pick the radion every time.

The Radion XR15 G5 Freshwater led is fully controllable and the colour choice and blending options set the standard. Having used these lights, ourselves we can totally promise you the best possible results in plant growth and visual impact.

Impressive spread and power from the Radion XR15 G5 Freshwater the Best freshwater plant Led.

The spread from one of these lights for high light demanding set up is an impressive 60x60cm. The depth of the water can exceed 80cm with ease the power from these lights amazes. In store we have a 2-foot cube planted aquarium that had the older xr15 gen 4 light on it.

Sadly, EcoTech said that they wouldn’t be making a gen-5 freshwater light. So we sold the gen 4 and fitted a Ai prime freshwater. The difference was massive and unarguable staff and customers alike could see a huge difference. Now the prime is a good light but even set to full power it got nowhere near the Radion. The radion was set to only 45% of the PRO G4 Freshwater’s potential output. Now though that Ecotech have changed their minds we have replaced the Prime with the new Gen 5. This did however give us the opportunity to see the difference from three lights on the same tank with the exact same plants. We watched the plants dull slightly and grew use to the dimness of the prime. Then we saw how comparatively bright the new radion was and watched the plants regain their former vibrancy.

Are the gen 5 Freshwater lights much better than the gen 4?

We cannot honestly tell you how this new Radion XR15 G5 Freshwater compares to the gen 4 yet but if it is only as good as the gen 4 its already a great light. The recovery of our own display to its former glory gives us great optimism has it has quickly bounced back. However we do know from the figures that the new light has more power and a much better spread from the HEI lenses that deliver the light with great uniformity so we do expect more and we will update as soon as we have more to tell.

Ecotech Gen 5 Radion XR 15 freshwater LED light update.

Having now used the new gen 5 for several months and including the fantastic feedback from customers also using the freshwater radion gen 5 we can confirm the following.

The light most definitely has more power we are running the gen 5 on a tank where it has replaced a perfectly capable Gen4. The power however has had to be turned down on the overall output from 45 % to 40 %.

The colour of the light as voted on by our staff is warmer and overall makes the fish in the aquarium pop. The plants look much greener and the red plants look fantastic.

The overall spread from the Gen 5 Ecotech freshwater LED has massively improved no more shadowy areas and the foreground equally illuminated from corner to corner.

So now we can honestly tell you that this light as expected id greatly superior to its predecessor.

Whilst the Radion XR15 G5 Freshwater certainly isn’t cheap in this case you get what you pay for. However, you need to compare it fairy and consider what you get for your money. You get the most powerful and quite cool looking light we think that’s available. Remember you need multiples of other LED lights to get the same power it does work out a good purchase. If You work out price per par, then the light is actually one of the cheapest.

Features of the Ecotech Radion XR15 G5 Freshwater

  • Advanced HEI Optics
  • Higher uniformity over a larger area
  • Mobius compatibility
  • Fresh Water Spectrum and lunar light
  • Pre-loaded spectrum configurations



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