Rainbow Lobophyllia F5


Minimum 1 Head Size 28mm
  • Rainbow Lobophyllia
  • Lobophyllia sp
  • Hard coral
  • Care level: Easy
  • Suitable for: Intermediates
  • Light: Moderate
  • Flow rate: Low to moderate
  • Food: Photosynthetic and planktotrophic

Rainbow Lobophyllia is a brilliant green, slow growing coral.

These corals are easy to look after, provided they are placed appropriately. Lobophyllia do not require a lot of light, despite them housing photosynthetic algae, that they share a symbiotic relationship with.  Although, Lobophyllias’ colour may present more intensely under different light intensities. Rainbow Lobophyllia do not like to be in strong currents. Fast moving water will inhibit polyp extension. As a result, Lobophyllia should be placed in low to moderate currents.

Lobophyllia do possess sweeper tentacles which means they should be given enough space away from neighbouring coral. These corals will also benefit from being target fed small meaty foods, such as brine shrimp, on occasion.


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