Red Goniopora F5


Minimum Size 28mm
  • Red Goniopora
  • Goniopora sp
  • Hard coral
  • Care level: Difficult
  • Suitable for: Expert
  • Light: Moderate
  • Flow rate: Moderate
  • Food: Phototrophic and planktivorous

Red Goniopora are gorgeous, bright red corals. They feature large polyps, which closely resemble flowers. As a result, they are commonly referred to as flower pot corals. Compared to other coral species, Goniopora have long stem polyps, which look dazzling when swaying in the water.

Keeping Red Goniopora is rewarding yet difficult. Historically, this group have been near impossible to keep. This was partly due to the coral not showing a stress response and just rapidly declining. Now, with advancements in the hobby, Goniopora are a great option for people who are wanting a challenge with an enormous pay off.

In general, Goniopora are fine in a wide range of light intensities and types. If being precautious, it is best to keep this coral in moderate conditions. Alternatively,  start the coral off at low light levels, then gradually increase overtime. Some types of lights will bring out fluorescent colours in some species.

These corals look amazing blustering about in a strong current and it is important Red Goniopora are in a strong enough flow to keep clean. However, excessively strong currents may damage corals or cause unnecessary stress. For the best aesthetic effect, it is best to keep these corals in medium strength currents with random directions.

Red Goniopora do well when fed small foods, such as amino acids or powders. If broadcast feeding, be careful not to over do it, as these corals are particular about water quality.


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