The Grinch Porites F2


Minimum Size 28mm
  • The Grinch Porites
  • Porites sp
  • Hard coral
  • Care level: Moderate
  • Suitable for: Intermediate
  • Light: Moderate to high
  • Flow: Strong
  • Food: Phototrophic and heterotrophic

The Grinch Porites are fantastic, encrusting, SPS corals. This gem patterned coral features evenly spaced, bright red polyps, on a vibrant green skeleton. Porites striking patterns are responsible for their alternative name, jewel coral.

Porites are slow growing and one of the easier small polyp stony corals to look after. As a result, they are a possible option for someone who is fairly new to SPS corals. The Grinch Porites prefers to live in strong, turbid waters. They also like areas with moderate to high lighting. It may be beneficial to start the coral off at moderate light levels, then to gradually increase over time. This is to allow the coral to acclimate. The Grinch Porites may profit from occasionally being fed plankton.

In nature, Porites share a symbiotic relationship with Christmas tree worms, which are closely related to feather dusters. These worms have colourful, feather-like structures, named radioles. Feather dusters and Christmas tree worms both use their radioles for feeding and breathing. If the Porites is hosting Christmas tree worms, these appendages protrude out of them. Lending the coral an extra attractive feature.



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