Tropic Marin Reef Salt 20kg


Tropic Marin Reef Salt 20kg is a great salt mix for the new Aquarist designed to create perfectly natural and balanced reef conditions in the home aquarium. Phosphate and nitrate free.

Tropic Marin Reef Salt 20kg creates the ideal environment for the care of fish, corals and other invertebrates in modern reef aquariums. Use saltwater prepared with Tropic Marin Reef Salt  for regular water changes in your saltwater aquarium, to start a new aquarium and to re-balance the ph of the tank. Its special formula contains all tropical sea water trace elements that corals consume, replenishing these with water changes saves dosing regularly (depending on stocking levels).

Tropic Marin Reef Salt 20kg is phosphate and nitrate free.

Directions for use

To achieve a salinity level of 32-35 ppt dissolve 35ml (approx. 37-40g) of the sea salt for every litre of water in a container, circulating continuously. The resulting seawater is ready for use as soon as the salt is completely dissolved. The specific gravity of the sea salt solution should be 1. 025 to 1. 027 at a temperature of 25-degree Celsius. A weekly, partial water change, replacing 10% of the total water volume with saltwater will help to maintain the water quality that your livestock needs for good health. Contains all tropical sea water trace elements.


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