AI Blade Coral Grow 21″ 40 watts


The long awaited Aqua Ilumination smart strip led

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A.I. Blade Coral Grow.

Available in:

  • 12″ – 30.74 cm – 20W
  • 21″ – 53.59 cm – 40W
  • 30″ – 76.45 cm – 60W
  • 39″ – 99.31 cm – 80W
  • 48″ – 122.17 cm – 100W
  • 57 ” – 145.03 cm – 120W
  • 66″ – 167.89 cm – 140W

The Aqua Ilumination Blade Grow offers immense power in a thin package. Coral Grow features a LED mix that maximizes spectral peaks needed for coral photosynthesis. Use alone or augment with the Blade Glow for a colour combination that fits your needs.

A.I. Blade Spectrum.

A balance of blue and white diodes efficiently addresses the photosynthetic needs of coral. The Blade Grow delivers output in the deep blue through blue range of the spectrum (400-500 nm) which is proven to be a highly effective marine spectrum range.


The AI Blade utilizes a cluster group configuration. Each Blade size includes roughly one cluster group per foot. Tight grouping and balanced diode placement contribute to the incredible balance and shimmer that the Blade platform delivers. The Blade Coral Grow includes the following 24 diodes per cluster group.

  • 12 – Royal Blue
  • 6 – Cool White
  • 6 – Blue

EdgeField™ Optics. Optics are one of the most important components of an advanced lighting system.  Edgefield™ technology incorporated in the Blade delivers even PAR, smooth colour mixing and exceptional spread. Edgefield optics, designed exclusively for the Blade, provide an incredible, 95 degree spread while achieving unmatched light mixing along the length of the blade. The specular exit surface presents a crisp and natural shimmer in your aquarium.


The Blade Coral Grow, Blade Coral Glow and Blade Freshwater are available in 7 different sizes. Regardless of tank size or application, Blade has you covered.

Tank Rest Included.

For Blades sized up to 39.1 inches the Low-Profile Tank Rest is included. The tank rest extends up to 4.5 inches on either side of the blade (for a total of 9 inches).

Water Resistant.

Blade is not only versatile but built to last in the harsh environment of marine aquariums. Blade meets IP66 standards which indicate the highest protection against particles and a high level of protection against water.

Build Your A.I. Blade Solution.

Better Together. A.I. Blade Coral Grow is designed for maximum PAR efficiency and Blade Coral Glow is designed for maximum fluorescence. Mix them together and get the best of both. Peak performance is best achieved in a ratio of 2:1 Grow to Glow, but one of each is perfectly acceptable when less light is needed. Solo. The beauty of Aqua Ilumination Blade is its versatility. Used alone the Blade Coral Grow provides an excellent source of tuned light for your marine aquarium. Attractive and powerful, an adjustable but easy spectrum ensures great coral growth. Edgefield Optics delivers well mixed colour and super even spread while preserving the caustics that make your tank sparkle. Full Custom. Love the fill of a large fixture and the vibrance of a pendant? Embrace full spectrum for daytime but want to see a glowing sunset? Have great lights already but want to fill in some gaps or pop fluorescence? Blade, has you covered. Easily usable with your existing Radion or Hydra fixtures and so easily mountable they will work with many others, go ahead, customize your aquarium lighting your way!

The A.I, blade is 100% Silent Running.

The Blade incorporates a highly efficient heat sink design. Passive cooling means no fan and no air movement or fan noise. This makes the Blade ideal for lighting aquariums in living spaces where less noise is a big plus.

A.I. Blade Blade Hanging.

The Blade Hanging Kit from AI is an elegant way to suspend your light above your tank. Made of high-quality brushed aluminium in an attractive black finish. Available in 3, 4, and 6 light configurations for all size Blade fixtures. Kit includes: 2 bars, appropriate number of Blade mounting clips and V-wires. For use with the HMS hanging kit (sold separately).

A.I. Blade Elevated Tank Mount Coming soon.

The Elevated Tank Mount makes for an attractive and sturdy solution for mounting your AI Blade™. Mounting for rimmed or rimless tanks, the elevated tank mount increases light spread and allows for easier access into the aquarium.

A.I. Blade Hybrid Mount Coming soon.

The Hybrid Mount allows for Blade mounting using either the Aqua Illumination Hydra or EcoTech Radion pendant fixtures. Each kit contains two mounting bars and clips to use with the HMS, RMS or equivalent multi-light hanging kits. Works with one or multiple Hydra or Radion fixtures (not for use with HMS or RMS multi-light tank mounted rails).

M8 Mounting Thread.

Want even more mounting options? The Blade includes a M8 mounting thread at each end. The custom mount possibilities are endless.

A.I. Balade has Simple Built-in Control.

All AI devices include smart control standard. Use the myAI® app on any iOS or Android device to easily set up or program your AI equipment.

A.I. Blade PAR.

Carefully planned LED geometry coupled with Edgefield lens technology delivers amazing light efficiency. The Blade provides extremely even output over an impressive coverage area making for an easily usable light source that is both effective and attractive.


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