Aqua One Oakstyle 300

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The massively popular Aqua One OakStyle 300.

The OakStyle range from aqua one is without and doubt the best selling aquarium range in the companies history. This particular model the Oakstyle £00 in natural oak is also the best selling tank in the range.

Volume: 315 Litres

Aquarium Dimensions: 150W x 38D x 60H cm

Cabinet Dimensions: 157W x 41D x 78H cm

Heater: 300W

Lighting: LED

Filtration: Ocellaris 1400 External Filter

Colour: Oak

The Oakstyle 300 Oak effect Aquarium And Cabinet set from Aqua One comes complete with all equipment. The Tank has a volume of 300L and  as a result is suitable for any aspect of fish keeping. However we think it best suited for freshwater tropical. Reason being, the dimensions at only 38cm front to back, in most cases it would be difficult to aqua scape as a marine coral tank. It would be fine for saltwater fish only with fake corals or other décor.

So the  Aqua One Oakstyle 300 Oak effect Aquarium And Cabinet is best as a tropical fish tank so what comes with it?

There is the tank itself, built from 10mm glass. The silicone is black, much better than clear as it does not discolour over time its also very neat and tidy. The Aqua One Oakstyle 300 Aquarium features all round bracing with corners cut to allow pipe work and cables. Supplied with the Aqua One Oakstyle 300 Aquarium  are also  glass so will not become opaque. The trays just lift off so keeping them clean is easy.

The Aqua One Oakstyle 300 Oak effect Cabinet comes supplied flat pack But, do not worry the instructions are clear and building is easy. The cabinet has two real drawers on the right and left and, two false in the centre. The false drawers enable the full use of the space behind the door for equipment. The Real drawers are a nice touch there are not many aquarium cabinets with drawers.

Equipment is all here too, the light is a 43watt Led with two options, daylight and a blue only for moonlight. Filtration is by the way of the Ocellaris 1400 which has to be said is a very capable unit. Heat is provided by an aqua one 300 watt standard  glass heater, again a reliable robust piece of kit.

The Aqua one Oakstyle 300 Oak effect Aquarium And Cabinet has been a massive success, with large numbers having been sold this must be down to its value for money. A great looking tank and all the equipment for a very competitive price.

Quick Note the 300 litre volume is the usable volume, the volume calculated in the same way as other manufacturers would be 342 litres.

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