Aqua One Oakstyle Urban 230

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The Oakstyle Urban 230 is a modern up to date complete topical fish keeping system that is as trendy as a hipster. The Aqua-One Oakstyle Urban 230 aquarium and cabinet set comes complete with heating filtration and LED lighting. This aquarium will be right at home in the most modern of homes as well as anywhere else. Key features are the drawers on the cabinet, brilliant storage for all your fish keeping supplies.

The Oakstyle 230 Urban at a glance.

Suitable for: Coldwater or Tropical freshwater fish and can be converted for salt water with an equipment upgrade.

The Aquarium: 116cm long 60cm high 38cm back to front.

Cabinet: 123.5cm long  81cm high 41cm back to front.

Tank Volume: 230 litres.

Glass thickness: 8mm.

Lighting power : 20w led featuring white & RGB LEDs or all blue selected via rocker switch on the unit.

Filtration:  Ocellaris 850 external filter supplied with all media and pipe work.

Heater: Aqua One 300 Watt Heater thermostat.

Aqua One Oakstyle Urban 230 Grey oak aquarium and cabinet set. My personal favourite colour from Aqua Ones hugely successful aqua oak range of aquarium furniture sets. When you see the Aqua One Oakstyle Urban 230 in the flesh it looks quite impressive. It certainly does not reflect the cheap price you pay for it visually. It looks well-made and the choice of panel with some texture gives it a quality feel too. The 230 in the name refers to the tanks volume in this case 230 litres usable volume. Some sites will quote the volume as 245 litres but this is total volume calculated with the tank filled to the top. The tank measures 123cm long, 78cm high and 48cm front to back. It has all glass lids, and the centre piece of glass lifts out for maintenance and to allow the input of rocks, roots, and other décor.

Please note that the opening does sometime prevent the placement of large piece of decoration or ornaments. The way that the glass covers fit reduces aquarium access to 98cm x 20cm approx. So, plan ahead if you have your eye on a large piece of wood. You now have the measurements so you can check, or you can always get the saw out.

The Aqua One Oakstyle Urban 230 cabinet.

The urban cabinet and tank trim finished in a colour that Aqua One describe as “Urban Grey”. The colour Urban Grey is an Aqua One coined name, the colour is better described as Grey oak or washed grey oak.  For matching you can rely on the images. I have looked at some flooring companies’ sites and the nearest I have found is “washed grey oak” if this helps.

The cabinet comes flat packed but, is an easy build with good instructions. As you can see from the image the cabinet features 3 working drawers. Which sets it apart from most other fish tank cabinets and we think it looks great. The handles feature a modern design, but the doors and drawers could easily be fitted with traditional handles if you wished.

Top Tip when building the cabinet

Just watch that you put the bottom rail the correct way around. You will kick yourself when it’s all done, and you stand back to admire your work and spot your mistake. Also, when fitting the top trim fit the front first, use the sides to centre but, stick them on last. If the sides are slightly proud the long front piece will stick on but may not stay on as at the ends it cannot stick.


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