Oakstyle 110 Industrial Concrete


Stunning, cool Chic Parquet effect finish for the stylish, modern home can be installed with or without the hood surround. Includes Moray 700 internal filter and 150 watt heater.

Volume: 110 usable Litres

Aquarium Dimensions: 63W x 38D x 55H cm

Cabinet Dimensions: 70W x 41D x 78Hcm

Heater: 150W

Lighting: LED

Filtration: Moray 700 Internal Filter

Colour: Chic Parquet

Aqua One Oakstyle 110 Chic Parquet Aquarium and Cabinet. Aqua One have taken fish keeping in a different direction with the aqua oak range. By offering a quality-built glass aquarium and farmhouse or cottage style cabinet to ultra-modern colours like Chic Parquet. The cabinet has the appearance of furniture which has been made from reclaimed gym flooring. The cabinet has a generous amount of room for all the aquatic paraphernalia, you will come to own.  Included is a drawer which is quite different, not many fish tank stands have drawer.

Oakstyle 110 Chic Parquet Tank and Cabinet Equipment.


The aquarium set comes complete with all the kit to get you up and running. Whilst the products supplied are functional, they are basic. The filter supplied is a Moray 700 and it is not the best but, it works ok. It is however fiddly to maintain and also does little for the looks of this handsome set. We find most people instore upgrade to a better filter usually an external. This lovely tank deserves an external filter to finish it off, neatly tucked away in the cupboard.

Heater and light

The heater, nothing wrong here, good reliable heater. The light is good enough to light up the Oakstyle 110 Chic Parquet Aquarium and has a nice colour so will be fine for fish and décor. If, however you are planning a planted tank you will need to upgrade.

It’s still a good buy!

It must be said that equipment aside the Aqua One Oak Style 110 Chic Parquet aquarium is well made and worth the money without equipment. So, consider the equipment as enough to get you started and free. The filter does work it is just ugly and not so easy to clean and maintain. The light though basic is just as good as lights supplied with most other aquariums.

Why supply the Aqua Oakstyle 110 Aquarium and Cabinet with such basic equipment?

The aquarium market is highly competitive and top-notch kit makes the aquarium set look expensive against others with basic kit. This is not so much of a problem instore as this can be discussed but for online the way that the world is heading it is hard to get across.

Equipment upgrade for the 110 Chic Parquet Aquarium 

We would recommend either an Aqua One Ocellaris 850 or a Eheim Ecco Pro 200 External for this aquarium. For a planted set up we would suggest the Fluval Plant 3.0 LED 32w or if you want to grow any plant even the difficult ones then go for the AI Prime 16HD Freshwater LED Light White.

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Quick Aqua-One Oakstyle Industrial Concrete 110 Description

Overall dimensions: 70cm long 148cm high 41cm back to front

Aquarium: 63cm long 55cm high 38cm back to front

Cabinet: 70cm long 81cm high 41cm back to front

Tank Volume: 110 litres usable 123 stated

Glass thickness: 6mm

Lighting power: 14w led

Filtration:  Moray 700 internal filter

Heater: Aqua One 150W Heater


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