Oakstyle 145 Yorkshire Oak


The Oakstyle 145 Yorkshire Oak stylish quality aquarium set that includes heating, lighting and filtration for and appearance that doesn’t reflect the cheap price. The Yorkshire Oak colour is a firm favourite for lots of furniture so this style should find many homes.

Volume: 145 Litres usable 145 litres stated

Aquarium Dimensions: 81W x 38D x 55H cm

Cabinet Dimensions: 88W x 41D x 78H cm

Heater: 200 Watt heater thermostat.

Lighting: 20 watt LED 20W White & RGB LED all all blue selected via a rocker switch on the unit

Filtration: Ocellaris 850 External Filter with all media and pipe work.

Colour: Yorkshire Oak.

Aqua One Oakstyle 145 Yorkshire Oak. Aqua One have taken fish keeping in a different direction with the aqua oak range. By offering a quality-built glass aquarium that feature a farmhouse or cottage style design. The Yorkshire Oak colour choice looks great, just as good as the original colour. The cabinet along with its two drawers gives loads of room for all the fish keeping trappings.  As mentioned, the Oakstyle 145 Yorkshire Oak has two fully working drawers that adds to the stylish look. The drawers are also very useful for keeping foods, test kits etc much better and neater than in the cupboard.

Aqua Oakstyle 145 Yorkshire Oak Equipment.

The aquarium set comes complete with equipment. Supplied with the Oakstyle 145 Yorkshire Oak is the Ocellaris 850 external filter. The Ocellaris 850 is a good filter and we sell many of these on their own in store and online. Also included, a standard glass 200-watt heater by aqua one of course a robust reliable piece of kit. The light is good enough to illuminate the Aqua One Oakstyle 145 Yorkshire Oak and, has a nice colour. For lighting the tank there’s no issues just as with older fish tanks that only had one tube was supplied. If though you are planning a planted aquarium you will need to upgrade as we did in the past by adding three or even four tubes. Nowadays of course we would add mere or different LED’s.

The Oakstyle range of aquariums has been a massive success for aqua one. The equipment supplied is generous and reliable except for the Oakstyle 85 that has an internal filter. The cabinets are easy to assemble and the addition of Drawers is also a nice touch.

Is the Aqua One Oakstyle 145 Good Quality?

The Oakstyle range has given us no problems, no leaky tanks or faulty equipment worth mentioning.  We have had a couple of switch’s on the lights not work and its worth noting that any issues were dealt with fast with no quibble by Aqua One.

So, If you are looking for a contemporary designed aquarium and stand that’s well built and has good reliable equipment Look no more.

Its possible to convert the Oakstyle 145 Yorkshire Oak To keep saltwater fish with an equipment upgrade.

Top Tip when building the cabinet

Just watch that you put the bottom rail the correct way around. You will kick yourself when it’s all done, and you stand back to admire your work and spot your mistake. Also, when fitting the top trim fit the front first, use the sides to centre but, stick them on last. If the sides are slightly proud the long front piece will stick on but may not stay on as at the ends it cannot stick.

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