Aqua One Ocellaris 850


100-250 litres

Aqua One Ocellaris 850 a well designed cheap to run value for money external filter form Aqua One. Has everything you could want for an aquarium up to 250litres. Come equipped with all media pipe work and instructions. Silent operation and very low energy consumption, Only 9.7 watts. Features a primer that works well and is easy to use and an all in one quick release valve block.

Aquarium from 150-250 litres
Max flow rate: 850 litres per hour
Power consumption: 9.7 watts

Dimensions: 41 x 20 x 20cm

Weight: 3.56 Kilograms

Aqua One Ocellaris 850 Canister Filter from aqua one is a quirky looking filter. I think it might think its is a clownfish and its name supports this. So its a good thing that it can cope with saltwater tanks as well as freshwater. The Aqua One Ocellaris 850 certainly will not break the bank being very reasonably priced. Yet it features a primer that works well and feels very strong. A fancy valve block as found on much higher priced cannister filter. The media supplied also seems of a high standard.

The filter has inter locking media baskets again fairy standard issue these days and the plastic does not feel cheap at all. The open basket design allows customization of the media to suit any requirements or opinions.

Using an Aqua One Ocellaris 850 Canister Filter.

The filter is easy to set up and easy to service and is also very quiet. It comes with everything you need to be up and running in no time. The power consumption rated at only 9.7 watts sounds exaggerated so we checked this and it’s true. Pads and sponges for the 850 Canister Filter are not expensive either so running costs are low. Aqua One Ocellaris 850, Good little filter well worth the money.


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