Aquaroche Acropora 699720


  • Approx. 75cm x 35cm x 35cm
  • Contains: 1 rock 9705 + 4 “Y” 12 cm + 14 cups + tubes code 9100
  • Recreate a natural biotope in your aquarium
  •  Interlock with Aquaroche shelves (sold separately)
  • Suitable for Marine or Freshwater aquariums
  • PLEASE NOTE: Colours, Shape & Size may vary
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Benefits of Aquaroche.

Aquaroche pieces are ceramic, porous rocks, that make for realistic décor items in your tank. Over time, these rocks come to host communities of beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms. These communities can help maintain the aquariums’ overall health, by facilitating the nitrogen cycle and the natural grazing behaviours of some fish.

Aquaroche also provides your tank with a much more stable equilibrium, compared to tanks decorated with resin based ornaments. This is so because it is completely inert. Meaning it does not influence the water quality. As a result, Aquaroche ceramics are popular in marine aquariums but they can be just as beneficial in tropical tanks.

Aquaroche is a healthy and sustainable alternative to ‘live rock’, which is harvested directly from reefs. This can be a destructive practice. Reef degradation has adverse effects on the ecosystem, which in turn, impacts the people who depend on it. Live rock is also inhabited by natural marine communities. As a result, there is a high risk of introducing pathogens and pests into your aquarium. Comparatively, Aquaroche only hosts beneficial communities.

Aqua scaping.

This rock is an element of the Aquaroche Reef System range. All rock pieces are carefully hand made. Therefore, each piece will be unique and there will be some variation in: size, shape and colour.

You can create beautiful and dynamic aquascapes by combining Aquaroche pieces with cantilever Aquaroche shelves. The variety in the scape means, just as in nature, there is a multitude of hiding places and niches. As a result, your fish or coral feel at home.

Set up.

Aquaroche rock does not need to be rinsed or soaked. Simply add the rock to the aquarium and use a good quality starter bacteria product, such as Denitrol. For a brief period of time, light the aquarium as little as possible. This allows the bacterial colonies to take hold but keeps algae away.


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