Aquaroche Grotto 509008


  • Handmade – Each Aquaroche Ceramic Aquarium Rock varies in size, shape and colour.
  • Height: 57-66cm
  • Length: 44-52cm
  • Depth: 30-35cm
  • Recreate a natural biotope in your aquarium with Aquaroche ceramic rocks
  • Aquaroche shelves (sold separately) interlock into the main structures
  • Creates a stunning interchangeable aquascape for Marine or Freshwater aquariums
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A grotto is a small cave which comprises of attractively random shaped rocks. In a fish aquarium or tank, it is safe cavern or tunnel for them to find shelter and safety from larger fish. As a decorative addition to your aquarium tank, it adds a third-dimensional point of visual interest. The Aquaroche Grotto 9008 Ceramic rock is all this plus more.

The Aquaroche Grotto 9008 is part of the Aquaroche Reef System. This fish grotto creates a stunning aquascape in Salt or Freshwater. Or use this as a starter piece and grow your Aquaroche ceramic reef system.

Aquaroche Grotto Ceramic Aquarium Rock 9008

  • Porous ceramic aquarium rock
  • Attractive Decorative feature
  • Aids in the creation of a balanced ecosystem
  • Hand made – each rock is unique in colour, shape and size.
  • Use on its own or connect to the Aquaroche shelving system.
  • Suitable in freshwater and also saltwater reef aquariums.
  • Safety shelter for baby fish
  • A clever alternative to ‘all live rocks’ aquariums

How to colonise bacteria and algae

  1. Do not rinse or soak the rock before immersion.
  2. Add the rock into your aquarium and use a quality bacteria starter product.
  3. For the first three weeks limit the light in the aquarium. Doing this shall encourage bacteria colonisation and algae to begin to form.

Aquaroche shelves and rocks are available in small, medium and large sizes to suit all aquarium sizes. The Aquaroche Grotto 9008 Ceramic Aquarium Rock Cave is just one of many options for your aquarium tank. Shop the complete Aquaroche range at Recifat Aquatics Warehouse


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