Ecotech Vortech Battery Backup


Battery back up system for VorTech pumps.

Keep your little lovely’s alive if the mains power fails

Ecotech Vortech Battery Backup. As many fish keepers have found out when the mains power fails. It is the lack of precious Oxygen that leads to the fish’s demise. Installing an Ecotech Vortech Battery Backup along with Vortech pumps this is avoided. The battery back up unit senses that the mains has dropped out and under those circumstances, takes over suppling power to the pumps.

How long can the Vortech Battery Backup run the pumps?

The battery back up will run the following pumps for the times given.

  • MP10 up to 72 hours.
  • MP40 up to 36 hours.
  • MP60 up to 20 hours.

This product is specific to the VorTech range of wavemaker pumps and therefore will not work with others.


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