Eheim Ecco Pro 130


  • For aquariums from 60 up to 130 litres
  • Power consumption: 5 W
  • Pump output: 500 l/h
  •  Maximum Head: 1.4 m
  • Filter volume 1.2 litre + 0.3 l (prefilter)
  • Prefilter 0.3 litre
  • Canister volume: 3.0 l
  • Dimensions: 205×298 mm (diameter x height)
  • The filter comes complete and ready-to use.
  •  With filter pad, filter fleece, carbon filter pad
  • EHEIM SUBSTRAT pro as main filter media.
  • Hoses, pipes, and accessories are also included.
  • Flexible tubing 12/16

The Eheim ecco pro 130. Part of the Eheim ecco filter range that includes two other models the ecco 200 and 300. The Eheim ecco pro 130 is the smallest and is suitable for aquariums between 60 and 130 litres. The 130 ecco can turn over up to 500 litres an hour, but this can be controlled via the taps on the valves. Therefore, the flow can adjust for smaller tanks to create a more comfortable living space for your fishes. The ecco pro range of filters are all energy efficient, this one only uses a tiny five watts of power. The ecco comes fully equipped with all pipe, fittings and also media. When space is at a premium this little filter is perfect at only 205 Ø x 298mm high it will squeeze right in.

Eheim Ecco Pro 130 Features:

The Eheim Ecco Pro 130 comes packed with features. Our favourite is the multipurpose handle, it of course is a carry handle, and that’s useful. It also functions as the locking mechanism and a priming system. When the filters plumbed in all that’s needed to prime it is to pull down the handle. Once the water is flowing push the handle back to the locked position. When water is clearly in both pipes, plug it in

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When there is water in both pipes plug it in and off it goes. At this point its normal for the filter to rattle a bit until all the air has been purged.

Eheim Ecco Pro 130, Bad Reputation?

We have heard a few comments from customers that have owned an ecco filter that they are no good and break. This has some truth, but it is user error. When we sell this filter instore, we demonstrate the O-ring maintenance, and you will never have problems. The O-ring simply needs to be lubricated with either silicone grease, spray or Vaseline when the filter is serviced.  If the O-ring is dry it will act like a brake and put a lot of strain on the handle. However, it will never break if lubricated as per instructions.

new head for Eheim Ecco Pro 130

Seen here the red ring keep it greased.


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