Eheim PowerLED+ Marine Actinic 1349mm


  • High-quality and efficient alternative to T5 fluorescent tubes (incl. reflector!)
  • Full depth lighting – even in deep aquariums.
  • LED strips can be combined to create the perfect balance for plant or coral growth
  • Full sunlight spectrum with maximum output for photosynthesis (fresh water).
  • Reproduces the natural colours in the aquarium
  • Average service life > 50.000 hours
  • High-quality, solid aluminium housing (anodised), marine water resistant
  • 8 lengths available to fit aquariums from 36 – 135 cm long (lengths can be adjusted by extending the stainless steel support brackets).
  • Suitable for use with existing fluorescent light tube units (T8, T5); existing tubes can be replaced by inserting the EHEIM T8-/T5 adapter (see accessories)
  • Single and double wire suspension available for open aquariums
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From the full spectrum of sunlight to white and / or actinic light – our new LED lamps cover the entire range. All spectrums are carefully balanced to support the growth of either plants or corals and to enhance the natural colours in the aquarium.
The LED’s can be adjusted to fit any aquarium by extending the brackets to the correct length or existing fluorescent tubes can be replaced with our LED by inserting the specially designed adapter into the existing light unit. EHEIM quality – made in Germany.

Pure actinic light
Royal blue LEDs (445 nm)
Promotes the natural fluorescence of corals and invertebrates
Combine with EHEIM PowerLED+ marine hybrid


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