Eheim Reeflex UV 350


  • For aquariums from 80 up to 350 litres. For whitespot control no more than 90litres
  • Quickly and efficiently reduces both harmful bacteria and fish parasites in their infectious stages in the water.
  • Eliminates turbidity caused by algae or bacteria.
  • Internally fitted high gloss aluminium reflects the UV-C light and ensures more efficient sterilisation.
  • Excellent results with low energy consumption (1.8 times more effective than conventional UV-sterilisers).
  • No performance loss as, using a special design, the water is not redirected.
  • Also ideal for breeding tanks as it reduces the risk of infection.
  • Cleansing bacteria are safely retained in the filter as only floating organisms are captured.
  • Simple, safe maintenance and cleaning.
  • AUTO-OFF: automatic safety cut-off when changing lamp.
  • Easy to attach using the included fixing bracket.

Eheim Reeflex UV 350. Here at abyss we are firm believers in the advantages of Uv sterilization. We use UV on all our displays and systems and would not be without it. The benefits from using UV range from water borne algae control up to Protozoa control. There are many opinions and long running arguments as to usefulness, this is a very debateable topic. Honestly I would rather discuss theology than Uv with some people. In theology your view can not be proven, and Faith must be used. Uv Is quite different as you can have much faith, but it benefits can be proven and observed.

Why do we have faith in Uv?

There are many times that we have reaffirmed the advantages of Uv over no Uv. For instance, sudden problems in a shop retail system only to find that the sterilizer has stopped working. Then that is verified by the returning to normal after the unit has been repaired or replaced. Correspondingly, when we have recommended a Uv be installed to a system where there is an ongoing struggle with whitespot, and the problem has been cured. So, for us there is no question of just how good Uv sterilization is in practise. Some people that say, it kills beneficial bacteria in the water column a fact that we do not contest. However, there is no impact to the overall system from this.

So, what about the Eheim Reeflex UV 350. It makes claims that it is 1.8 times more effective. We have no idea what it is 1.8 times more effective than, but our most effective units are the Vectons, and the Eheim Reeflex UV is certainly not more effective than them. This is a bit of a shame as Eheim is one of our favourite brands.

Application of the Eheim Reeflex UV 350

For level 5, which is Protozoa / whitespot control, we find that 1 watt of Uv energy per 12.5 litres of water works, and this in line with most commercial ratings. So, with that in mind the Eheim Reeflex UV 350, which is 7 watt is recalculated at up to 87.5 litres and in our experience applied at this rate, we can forget faith and have confidence.

So is Eheim Reeflex UV 350 any good

If applied at 1 watt per 12.5 litres, then it definitely works, but it will not do the volumes declared unless it is bacteria that is to be controlled. Uv is installed on fish tanks mainly wanted to control whitespot and the like, so it is level 5 numbers that should be used or even stated.

Also, the design is poor, small fiddley screws are involved in its disassembly for maintenance. It also should be pointed out that type of bulb used although no better is three times the cost that of an equivalent Vecton. Sorry Eheim.


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