Fluval Sea Marine 3.0 LED 46w


Extendable range: 91-122cm
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Fluval Sea Marine 3.0 LED 46w. This in our opinion is the best entry level marine LED at the minute. It must be said that it lacks the power of the Radion which would be our first choice, but it is great value for money. This unit is rated for aquariums 91-122cm. There is no depth stated but it is good for 50cm, and 30 cm front to back. For tanks that are deeper front to back multiple units can used.

What corals will grow under the Fluval Sea Marine 3.0 LED 46w.

Most corals will do well under this light, but it is better suited to low to medium lighting requirements. SPS can be kept high up in the tank and they will live but, the growth rate and coral will be inferior to corals under Radions or Hydras. We would recommend this light for Lps Corals, polyps and softies with confidence, but as mentioned earlier, if you want the growth and colours of a full SPS reef aim higher.


Remarkable for the price it comes with all the bells and whistles. Fully dawn to dusk programmability along with total channel control of which there is 7. What We think of the Marine 3.0 LED 46w This product is great value for money and has a place in general reef keeping. In fairness it is as good as some much more expensive lights. Bear in mind that it is probable you will need 2, but it is still a cheap enough for this to be viable. The app is easy to install and also easy to use and the colour back from the corals is acceptable. The mounting is simple and included and the Marine 3.0 LED 46w has a generous 3-year warranty and that is 3 times as long as some very high-end lights. FluvalSmart app manual download Extendable range – 91-122cm (36-48″) Wattage – 46W Lumens – 1,350lm Colour Temp. – 25000K Lifetime – 50,000 hours


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