Fluval UVC In-line Clarifier


The Fluval UVC In-line Clarifier from well-known aquarium filter manufacturers Fluval is a great piece of kit to combat green or cloudy water. The unit is easily attached to an exist external filter and water can pass through in either direction. The Fluval UVC In-line Clarifier has been designed as a disposable but, recyclable, sealed unit that will last up to 3 years if operated 24/7. However, with the integrated 4 – 24-hour timer you can run the unit for as little as 4 hours a day and it can still irradiate green or cloudy water. Ran for just 4 hours a day the unit effective life could be as much as 20 years. The Fluval UVC In-line Clarifier uses CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light) technology runs cooler than traditional UVC bulbs to last up to 30,000 hours (3X longer). this as the added benefit of transferring less heat into the aquarium.

Comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Fluval UVC In-line Clarifier

Fluval UVC In-line Clarifier or Fluval inline sterilizer is easy to  attach to most filter setups. The In-Line UVC Clarifier kills floating bacteria and also algae for a clear and healthy fish tank . Fluval UVC In-line unit attacks both cloudy and green water by using strong, DNA trashing UVC light. This process is chemic free and so won’t affect wanted, media dwelling bacteria that are already live in the media. With its distinct compact design, the Fluval UVC unit also fits neatly within most fish tank cupboards without taking up much space.

What Abyss Thinks

Here at the Abyss we have always been big fans of UV and now with this new, Fluval UVC sterilizer, we now have a product that can fill the gap where other sterilizers would not  fit . The clarifier features a compact design and is therefore quite easy to install. This Fluval clarifier type might be new, but it is the same thing that has been achieved in a slightly different way. Fluorescent lamps and cold cathode fluorescent lamps have very similar designs, but they use different types of electron discharge. Fluorescent lamps discharge electrons through an emitter by heating electrodes. While CCFLs discharge electrons without heating. This is due to the way each lamp’s electrode is made and is the greatest change between the two designs. The Fluval UVC In-line Clarifier does have some really good reviews that are also worth a look.

Fluval In-line clarifier At a Glance.
  • Prevents cloudy and green water outbreaks.
  • A chemical free and trouble  free way to purify water.
  • Requires ZERO upkeep once installed.
  • You can use it for either for freshwater or marine tanks.
  • Compact design directs water flow around the bulb to increase contact time.
  • Connects in line to all canister filter hosing with an inside diameter of 16mm.
  • You can pump the water through the Fluval UVC In-line Clarifier either way.
  • Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) runs cooler than current UVC bulbs.
  • Lasts up to 3X longer with 30,000 hour bulb life.
  • Features a 4–24 hour timer that allows the choice off on or off as you want.
  • Up to 80% less costly to operate than other UV’S


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