Nyos Torq Reactor 2.0


  • Specifications:
  • Volume – 2.000ml (68 fl oz)
  • Usage of two filter media – Yes
  • Volume with chamber separator – 1.000ml + 1.000ml (34 fl oz + 34 fl oz)
  • Diameter – 100mm (4 in)
  • Filter foams included – Yes
  • Height incl. Dock – 53cm (21 in)
  • Modular design, One Dock 3 body choices
  • Easy hassle-free media change in seconds
  • Fully controllable flow
  • A maximum flow rate of 1000 l/h
  • 12w Power consumption
  • Even water flow throughout the chamber
  • Body Only. Torq Dock Sold Separately

The Nyos Torq Reactor 2.0


Nyos Torq Reactor 2.0, Part of the Nyos Torq range that have a ground-breaking new design of the much loved and relied upon aquarium media reactor. Unlike traditionally designed media reactors, Nyos’s unique and clever system allows you to have and use more than one reactor body. This allows you to swap and change more than one type of media with not only speed but also great ease.

Why A Reactor?

Media’s that absorb are usually, a crucial but alas costly part of getting and keeping really good quality water. Therefore we will want to tease every last penny spent, from them that we can. The Nyos TORQ Reactor will  make this easy. The medias function is to remove excess waste products and in so doing will greatly improve the water. Often the medias are simply placed in filter bags as opposed to a fluidised Reactor. This in all but the best instances can result in what is referred to as channelling. This is when the water takes the easy path through the media. Which means that  some of the media dose not have enough contact with the water. This of course leads to some of the media being used poorly or even worst wasted. Not so when used in the Torq reactor.

Why Choose The Nyos Torq Reactor 2.0?

Nyos has built the Nyos Torq as a simple answer to not only the channelling problem but also the tuning problem. The Nyos Torq Reactor creates an even water flow throughout the chamber that provides ideal conditions for any choice of filter media.

Likewise, the twist to adjust flow design makes it very easy to tune, than units controlled by taps or valves.


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