Seachem Aquavitro Salinity 29kg


Makes 850 litres (225 US gallons)

Seachem Aquavitro Salinity 29kg

  • Most concentrated salt available
  • Batch specific guaranteed analysis
  • Enhanced buffering inhibits pH shift
  • 29.75 kg (65.5 lbs) Makes 850 litres (225 US gallons)

Seachem Aquavitro Salinity 29kg is a blend of salts specifically formulated for the reef aquarium that contains all essential major, minor, and trace components found in natural reef waters, but contains no toxic or non-essential components. Additionally, salinity™ is the most concentrated salt blend on the market. With a hydration level of <0.5% salinity™ will yield a greater volume of prepared saltwater at a salinity of 35‰ per unit of weight than any other salt mix currently on the market.

salinity™ is identical to the distribution of anions and cations found in Natural Sea Water (NSW). We have compiled data from all the oceans and seas on the Earth, and have targeted the midpoint of the range for each element. We guarantee to be within ± 5% of the midpoint.

At a salinity of 35%, for calcium, magnesium, strontium, pH, and alkalinity we have the following targets and/or ranges (see right).

Calcium Target 422 mg/L, range 400–443 mg/L

Magnesium Target 1336 mg/L, range 1269–1403 mg/L

Strontium Target 8.4 mg/L, range 8.0–8.8 mg/L

pH Range 8.4–8.6AlkalinityRange 3.2–3.8 meq/L

29.75 kg (65.5 lbs) Makes 850 litres (225 US gallons)


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