TMC Reef Flow 2.0 2000 nano


2000 litres per hour
Reef Flow 2.0 1000 Nano 5v DC

2000 litre an hour low consumption wavemaker

Simple manual control with three pre-set wave patterns

TMC Reef Flow 2.0 2000 Nano is a high flow water circulation pump

Latest DC wavemaker technology

Super compact design for Nano and desktop aquarium

A perfect addition to larger systems to complement existing wavemakers, eliminating dead-spots

Low voltage for extra safety

Simple manual control with three pre-set wave patterns

Innovative impeller replicates natural wave currents

Specialist heat resistant materials with unique self-cooling system

Supplied with three interchangeable nozzles and flow patterns

The Reef Flow 2.0nano is part of the Nano range, designed to keep your energy consumption low.


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