Tropic Marin Pro Reef Salt 25kg


  • Contains over 70 trace elements
  • Includes magnesium and calcium
  • Free from nitrate and phosphate
  • Great for use with calcium reactors
  • Suitable for use with fish, corals and invertebrates

Tropic Marin Sea Salt is designed to make sure that your reef tank has just the right amount of calcium, magnesium to support healthy coral formations as well as a balanced pH level. The inbuilt buffering system will ensure the balance of your tank is perfect, avoiding any stressful peaks and troughs.

The salt has a high dose of calcium and magnesium that will ensure corals take all that they need from the water, essential for strong coral formations.

Pro Reef is also particularly beneficial for those carrying out infrequent or small water changes, using Reverse Osmosis water for making up a seawater mix.


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