AI Nero 5 wavemaker


Max flow rate – 13,500 Litres per Hour

The Nero 5 wavemaker from Ai or Aqua Illumination is a force to be reckoned with in the aquarium flow pump market.

The Nero 5 wavemaker has an incredible amount of power for such a small powerhead and can blast out at Maximum flow 13,500 Litres per Hour. Massively high flow from such a small wave making powerhead pump is one thing but it manages to do this in near silence. The wave maker is completely programable from any smart device and the app is refreshingly simple to use. Top Marks from us for this little wonder of powerful performance engineering.

What’s in the Box

  • AI Nero™ 5 Pump with Integrated Driver
  • Mounting Magnets
  • Power Adapter with Universal Plug
  • Adapter Set
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Mounting Hardware

AI Nero 5 wavemaker Pump

Nero 5 wavemaker Pump from AI, the people that also gave us Ai Lighting. Offers the latest advance in aquarium flow pumps. With a compact design coupled with a high flow rate the Nero 5 will not fail to impress. At a mere 71.5mm high and 54mm wide, the discreet yet also stylish the Nero 5 will not take up much room in the main tank at all. Furthermore the Nero 5  is also whisper quiet.

Nero 5 wavemaker Pump Controllability

Using the Nero 5 pump’s free and also simple to use Bluetooth Myai App, the Ai Nero pump connects with ease to any iOS short cut to nero 3 app or android device Google Plat logo. Although the pump has a very high flow it also has a well designed flow pattern. The Nero 5’s wide flow pattern makes sure that there’s lots of water movement although nearby corals will not be blasted.

The Pump comes supplied with 5 main modes.

Constant speed for straight forward broad flow at one speed.

Pulse, to be sure there is no dead spots within in an tank.

Random, to closely mimic nature with changing flow rates throughout the day.

The Nero 5 pump can easily be configured to flow in any way you desire. The Nero 5 pump also Features an on board control system. This means you do not need to control solely from your smart device as you can control the pump directly.

Smart Device App

The Nero 5 app also has an easy to use dashboard with direct links to the main operation of the pumps schedule. With the easy to use drag and drop control system you can schedule features such as feeding mode, Pumps off. This mode allows you to feed without flow for 10 minutes, enough time for your pets to feed. Without a doubt to programme this pump via the app is child’s play and multi pump systems are just as easy to set up.

Nero 5 Design

Combined with a discreet and compact modern design the AI Nero 5 can easily be installed without spoiling the view of the main display. Complete with 15 degrees of direction adjustment so you can direct flow exactly where you clearly need it.

Side wards tilt on the nero 5 pump


At only 2.8″ High (71.5mm) and 2.1″ Wide (54mm), the Nero 5 is one of the most compact pumps yet powerful pumps on the market.

Complete with a neat magnet mount, therefore you will never need worry about suckers or difficult to remove pumps ever again. Additionally the two part magnet mounting system can cater for aquariums up to 13mm / 0. 5″ of glass thickness.

Nero wavemaker Pump Speed adjust.



AI Nero 5 Wavemaker Tank Mount For Safety



If Your AI NERO 5 Wave Pump Is noisy




Nero 5 Pump Specifications

  • Max flow rate – 13,500 Litres per Hour. Need less flow Nero 3
  • Power usage – 30w at max flow.
  • Dimensions – 2.8″ (71.5mm) Width and Height.  2.1″ (54mm) Depth.
  • Max glass thickness – 13mm or 0. 5″.
  • Included in the box – pump and controller, mounting brackets, PSU, quick start guide.
  • Whisper Quiet.
  • 4 flow modes.


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