Eheim Experience 250


120-250 litres
  • Model 2424
  • For aquariums from 120 litres up to 250 litres
  • Pump output approx. 700 l/h
  • Delivery head approx. 1. 5 metre
  • Filter volume: 3. 0 litres
  • Canister volume: 6. 0 litres
  • Power consumption 8 watts
  • Dimensions (height x length x width) 340 x 178 x 178 mm
  • Suitable for freshwater and salt water aquariums
  • Hose size 12/16 mm
  • Comes complete with filter mediaa.

With its predecessor, the professional, range eheim launched the first ever external filter range with a square basic shape. Benefits: space-saver (because the filter fits into corners), high stability and large filter volume.

additionally, this sturdy basic filter offers special advantages: for instance, a complete hose adapter unit with integrated shut-off taps, individually removable filter baskets with fold-away handles, very low energy consumption, very quiet running due to ceramic components and more besides.

experience comes completely equipped – including accessories and filter media. You can start immediately


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