Fluval 307 External Filter


90-330 litres
  • For aquariums from 90 up to 330 litres.
  • Power consumption: 16w.
  • Pump output: 1150 l/h.
  •  Maximum Head: 1.75 m.
  • Filter volume 7.3 litre.
  • Prefilter 0.8 litre.
  • Main media volume: 6.5 litre approx.
  • Dimensions: 240 x 180 x 420mm LWH.
  • The filter comes complete and ready-to use.
  • Hoses, pipes, and accessories are also included.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Extremely quiet.

Fluval 307 Filter For tanks from 90 to 330 litres  water.

Fluval 307 Filter is a member of the seventh generation Fluval’s top selling canister filter family worldwide and things keep getting better.

The Fluval 307 External Filter is probably the uk’s best selling aquarium filter. Well designed and  having a square footprint it uses cupboard space efficiently. Yes think about it a round filter wastes space as it does not fit a corner without leaving gaps. The 307 employs the latest materials in its build and looks built to last. Earlier Fluval models did suffer from leaking but the new ones have put that behind them. Fluval have addressed and changed previous weak points. It still comes with the black ribbed hose of which I am not a fan but the other than that, build quality seems much improved overall.

Fluval 307 External Filter Features

As with prior models there’s a primer as this has been beefed up and seems much stronger and works well. The previous versions were easy to break with rough handling. The catches have also been tinkered with and now are greatly improved and much more substantial. They now not only fasten the filter shut they lever it open too. The aquastop valve has also been redesigned and should now stand up to even the most cack handed amongst us, and its much smoother to operate. The rubber feet have also been improved and now provide much better dampening and the wrap around design protects the filters corners.

Inside the Fluval 307 Filter

The Fluval 307 External Filter features the new EZ-lift baskets for the media feature a centre handle. This allows the whole media stack to be removed with ease using o one finger. The addition of the unique vertical pre-filter cartridge with independent access provides more surface area and better mechanical filtration.


The Fluval 307 External Filter performs well it has a powerful pump that provides an ample 1150 litres per hour, which can be turned down if needed. All achieved with only a very modest 15 watt motor and Fluval say that its also 25% quieter. What’s included  Everything you need really, all the pipework, strainer and all filter media but you may require some bacteria to get things going. We find that JBL Denitrol works best and we have 100% faith in this product. 3 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY plus a 2-year extended warranty upon registration.


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