Fluval FX4 External Filter


Up To 1000 litres

Fluval FX4 external cannister filter for guaranteed sparkling crystal-clear healthy aquarium water.

Fluval FX6 External Filter is a powerhouse of filtration aimed at large aquariums of up to 1000 litres. The filter can be used for saltwater or freshwater aquariums but is particularly popular with cichlid keepers due to its high turnover and large filter capacity. The Fluval FX4 External Filter is easy to install and maintain and its automated priming has proved a massive selling point. Incredibly cheap to run with a power consumption of only 30 watts, quite remarkable considering the massive 2650 litre per hour turnover. There is little noise from this goliath as well and it also self purges any air from its own system to maintain the level of silence. the Fluval FX6 External Filter is supplied with all necessary media and pipe work so should be up and running in no time. Giving the aquarist years of trouble crystal clear, healthy, well oxygenated, sparkling water that your fish will thank you for.

The Fluval FX4 External Filter is the small sibling of the massively popular Fluval FX6. The smaller, but, equally impressive fx4 is rated for fish tanks up to an impressive 1000 litres. Though most would halve that for heavily stocked tanks.

Just as the Fx6 it is looks like an character from star wars. It seems however to use the force with a huge 2650 Litres per hour output.

Fluval FX4 Filter Features

Just as with the bigger Fx6, the Fx4 has brains as well as Brawn. To prime it just fill it and turn it on, the micro chip controlled pump will do the rest. The pump is also adjusted to optimal output by the micro chip controller as it realizes the filter is resisting due to partial clogging. With no interaction from the owner, the Fluval FX4 Filter bleeds itself of air twice a day.

Is The Fluval FX4 External Filter Value for money?

Yes it is there are cheaper filters available but, the Fluval FX4 External Filter is better quality, cheap to run at only 30w. Pads and media for the Fluval FX4  is fairly priced and lasts a good amount of time before it requires replacing. All that is needed is supplied. For Specs see more information.

What's with the Fluval fx4

  • Ribbed hosing
  • Rim connectors, clips and suction cups
  • Intake stem
  • Output nozzle
  • Lid fasteners
  • Filter canister
  • Utility valve and hosing
  • Drain cap
  • Pump unit (motor) and power cord
  • Rubber feet
  • Media baskets
  • 1/2 media baskets
  • Filter lid and accessories
  • Comes complete with all accessories and media.

Should I buy one.

Yes why not, we do not sell as many Fluval FX4 External Filters as the Fx6 but they do trickle out possibly because many people opt for the bigger FX6, being that the price difference is not to great. The Fx4 does however have it’s place and the price for a feature packed external filter is in our opinion very reasonable.

Fluval fx4 manual download  Click on the image to download the Fluval FX4 Manual.


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