Eheim Professional 4+ 350


180-350 litres
  • For aquariums 180-350L.
  • Suitable for fresh or saltwater aquariums
  • Power consumption 16 watts
  • Pump out put 1050 litres per hour.
  • Controllable water output.
  • Hard wearing ceramic axle.
  • Integrated priming pump, manually operated.
  • Safety hose adapter can only be removed when the valves are closed.
  • Hose size 16/22mm
  • Prefilter effectively traps large dirt particles.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Fully equipped with original EHEIM filter media and installation accessories.
  • Height: 453 mm
  • Width: 238 mm
  • Depth: 244 mm
  • Manufacturer guarantee: 3 years

The Eheim Professional 4+ 350 is our second best-selling filter after it’s bigger 4+ 600 sibling that Abyss stocks. This filter is a go to product if you want our opinion instore we use them ourselves and most staff own a Pro 3 or 4. remember we have a good choice of brands but this is our choice. Why the Pro4+350 then? Mainly because of its build quality and its unrivalled reliability. The materials used are high quality and this is obvious as soon as you come see this filter close up.

Eheim Professional 4+ 350 Prefilter

The Eheim Pro 4+ 350 has a three main media trays that fit snuggly with each other so there’s virtually no bypass. There’s a fourth tray at the top of the filter where the pre filter fits.

The idea of a prefilter is to protect the main media and so prolong its life and increase its functionality. Water enters through the hole in the sponge under positive pressure that dispersed evenly with riffles that also catch heavy’s. The water then passes upwards through the sponge mostly free large solids and then travels to the bottom of the filter through the triangle interlocking pipe top right.

Eheim Professionel 4+ 350 Main media Trays

Water as  mentioned passes to the bottom of the filter where there are more riffles. Then under pressure, then its forced back up through the baskets that contain the media. This positive pressure through the media baskets makes much better use of all the media. So the water passes firstly through the pre filter. Then upwards through the bottom basket as so on. The Eheim Professional 4+ 350 comes complete with all media and this is good high quality media. Do not be fooled by companies trying to sell better media there really is no need.

First tray has Mech pro, this is chopped ribbed shaped plastic and its function is to trap any small to medium particles that have got though the prefilter.

Second tray contains Eheims bioMECH, this media has a clever design that traps bits of dirt that get caught in the pockets. at the same time, it has an ingenious pore structure that ensures the establishment of cleansing bacteria and thus steadfast biological degradation.

Eheim pro 4+ 350’s third tray Holds the fantastic Eheim SUBSTRATpro. Made from sintered quartz, well known to provide optimum conditions for both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. What makes it special however is that it has been fashioned into small spheres. Small spheres pack tightly into the media tray and unlike some medias that waste masses of space. The smaller the spaces around the media the more the water cannot simply going around the media. Water  will take the route of least resistance FACT. Also the smaller the object the larger its surface area is in relation to its size FACT. Finally on top of the last tray is a polishing pad that traps even the smallest bits of dirt.

Filter media warning

Don’t allow anybody to convince you to replace this media with media like Biohome. Biohome is an excellent pond filter media, in particular for shower filters, not best suited to an aquarium external filter, it does have a place but not here. Just imagine how easy it would be to flow around rather than through over cooked, shrivelled up mini sausages compared to small peas.

Eheim Professionel 4+ 350 Features

Valve Block

You will love the Eheim pro 4 350’s clever all in on in one quick release valve block.

Relpacement valve block for eheim pro 4 600

The Eheim 350 filters valve has a safety feature that will not allow you to spill water. There is just one lever to close both valves before the release button can also be pressed. The lever also doubles up for flow control.

Priming Aid

The head unit on Eheim 350 filter features a useful built in primer making priming so simple just press or pump the primer to get the filter primed.


New Feature the ‘Xtender’ button.

Along with all the Pro4+ range of filters the Eheim Professional 4+ 350 features the new ‘Xtender’ button. The Xtender can be used in the event that the filter requires cleaning, but you haven’t the time. It will bypass fine floss to maintain the main biological filtration and the oxygen levels in the tank. We recommend that you do however clean the filter properly as soon as you can.

It’s worth noting that for not a lot more money the Eheim Pro 4+ 600 has one more basket for media useful for carbon or phosphate remover etc and a higher flow.


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