Eheim Professional 3e 600T


240-600 litres
  • High flow capacity with low energy consumption
  • Adjustable pump output
  • High performance ceramic axle guarantees quiet running and durability
  • Integrated self priming aid to initially prime the filter
  • Safety hose adapter can only be removed when the valves are closed
  • Top prefilter effectively traps large dirt particles and allows for longer service intervals
  • Simple to remove and easy to clean

Eheim Professional 3e 600T, Using only 3 buttons you have personal control over all the functions. Such as water throughflow, variable flow rate and so on. The electronics remember your personal settings and make the required adjustments. Thus you have the benefit of permanent system monitoring. It is even easier from a PC. With EHEIM Interface and the EHEIM Control centre Software you can control, monitor and update everything even more easily.

The Eheim Professional 3e 600T as the “T” informs us is a thermo filter. This means an integrated heater built into the filter itself. The heating element however has the look of a kettle element. The heating element obviously purpose built to fit inside the filter. There are other thermo filter’s  out there but they do not have an element like this instead usually a glass heater has been fitted through a hole in the filter.


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