Eheim Professionel 3e 450


  • Output Control – maintains constant set output automatically, adjusting for filter media blocking
  • Boost Function – by simply pressing a button the filter switches to maximum turbo filtration
  • Flow Regulator – finger tip control of the flow rate.
  • Service Check – at the touch of a button the filter calculates the time remaining till the next cleaning interval.
  • Pulse – electronically controlled alternating flow rate creating a wave like effect.
  • Self Test – automatic testing and removal of trapped air
  • For Tank litre: 400 ltr
  • Pump Output: 1650 ltr
  • Delivery Head: 2.4m
  • Power Consumption: 10-35 w
  • Filter Volume: 6,6l (6 + 0,6) Prefilter
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 474 x 264 x 264

The professional 3e 2076 suitable for freshwater and marine applications

comes complete with all hoses, pipes, fittings, spray bar and pre-filter drip tray. Uses eheim 16mm internal hose for both inlet and outlet

filter motor is 24v but filter comes complete with 100-240v 50-60hz input transformer, and uk 3-pin mains connector.

filter media is not included you will need eheim pro 3e 450/700/600t media set

3 year manufacturer’s guarantee new touch pad interface for electronic micro-processor controlled filter. Just set your required out-put and the electronics will do the rest – for all types of aquarium; tropical, marine and planted. 6-function electronics:-


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