Fluval FX6 External Filter


Up To 1500 litres

Fluval FX6 external cannister filter for guaranteed sparkling crystal clear healthy aquarium water.

Fluval FX6 External Filter is a powerhouse of filtration aimed at large aquariums of up to 1500 litres. The filter can be used for saltwater or freshwater aquariums but is particularly popular with cichlid keepers due to its high turnover and large filter capacity. The Fluval FX6 External Filter is easy to install and maintain and its automated priming has proved a massive selling point. Incredibly cheap to run with a power consumption of only 41 watts, quite remarkable considering the massive 3500 litre per hour turnover. There is little noise from this goliath as well and it also self purges any air from its own system to maintain the level of silence. the Fluval FX6 External Filter is supplied with all necessary media and pipe work so should be up and running in no time. Giving the aquarist years of trouble crystal clear, healthy, well oxygenated, sparkling water that your fish will thank you for.

The Fluval FX6 External Filter might well look like R2D2‘s latest fling but no it is indeed a filter. It might be odd to look at but people love these and they fly of the shelf. Bomb proof too, they never come back! Whilst the Fluval FX6 won’t win a beauty contest in comes does come packed with tech. It’s cheap to run at only 41 watts. It also bleeds trapped air twice a day. Brains as well, it features a built in micro chip to keep it at it’s peak. Priming, just add water and turn it on.

Fluval FX6 Filter also has the power.

Yes, that too, output is a whopping 3500lph no slouch there then. In some instances, the output of the filter is too high. However, using the Aquastop valves it’s easy to set the flow to suit the specific requirement of any aquarium. The high output comes into its own for tanks containing large cichlids or messy predatory fish species. We think that FX6 must be the cheapest and easiest way to filter large aquariums. Saying that though the filter is not made from cheap materials quite the opposite the plastics are quality and all for a great price. Is It Good Value? Yes, we think so the Fluval FX6 comes with all you need and for to filter large even mucky fish tanks for a very low price. see more info.

What Abyss Think of the Fluval’s biggest and best external filter.

Well in this case we must agree with the masses they love the Fluval FX6 External Filter. We must add however that the FX6 is robust and we have lots of faith in it. Just do a little research it wins by miles. So, if you’re in the market for a good bit of kit to take care of a large job then here it is. What’s it got? It has power, value, much love and does the job. What’s it not got well it’s not pretty, but do we care? No. With the filter being so large it has a huge media area that gives all the space you could want for media of your choice.

Quality Fluval media included with the canister filter.

All the Fluval FX range of external filters come supplied with media and you should not discount this. The media that comes with the filter is of a high standard and totally suitable for fresh water or saltwater tanks. (Do not be fooled into buying medias such as Biohome trust us and Fluval the original media is better)

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Just as with all FX Filters the FX6 comes as a host of user-friendly features that make the FX aquarium filter range a breeze when it comes to installation and maintenance.

Intelligent Pump Technology

Again, as with all the Fx filter the Fx6 filter features intelligent pump technology which means the pump output is continually monitored and adjusted for the best possible performance and energy usage.

So Many Fluval FX6 happy owners Can Not Be Wrong

The biggest thing going for the Fx6 filter canister filter has to be the thousands that love it so with this baby the public has the vote. In fact I the author think I need one too but I’ll have to get a tank first. Or may be a pool for the kids I am sure it would cope. In fact, I know it would, I wonder if I could get it at a discounted price, I hope they read this.

Fluval FX6 External Filter Key Features

  • Safe for saltwater of freshwater aquariums.
  • Advanced motor Technology provides high 3500 litre per hour flow at 10% less consumption than previous models.
  • Smart PumpTM Microchip monitored pump keeps the pump at its highest performance.
  • Self-priming just add water and the smart pump will do the rest.
  • Also air is purged every 12 hours for uppermost performance.
  • Easy water change via filters smart pump output, Kit sold separately.
  • Stacking filter baskets limits water bypass and also easily removed.

Fluval FX6 Filter has Stacking filter baskets limits water bypass and also easily removed

  • High media volume of 5.9 litres.
  • All filter media included – mechanical, chemical, and biological.

Fluval FX6 Filter stacking media baskets includes media

  • Clever Aqua-Stop stop valves that have a click fit leak proof attachment.
  • 45 degree positioned water outlets aids easy installation.
  • Anti-vibration rubber feet to dampen any noise.
  • Drain valve for easy maintenance of the Fluval fx6 canister filter.

Fluval FX6 Filter drain valve for easy draining for maintenance

  • Max pump head: 3.3 m.
  • Low power consumption: 230 V/50 Hz, 41 W.
  • Biological media capacity: 5.9 L.
  • Dimensions: height: 53 cm, diameter: 40 cm.
  • Hose length: 3.5 m.
  • Comes complete with all accessories and media.
  • Extendable pick up with anticlog strainer.
  • Made in Italy

Fluval FX6 filter canister filter Manual download.



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