Nyos 120 Protein Skimmer


Up to 500 litres

Nyos Quantum 120 Protein Skimmer.

The Nyos range of protein skimmers are solidly built with many key features. The Nyos 120 Protein Skimmer is rated for tanks up to 500 litres. The unit is not silent (no skimmers are) but is quieter than most other skimmers we have tried and still manages to be much more efficient. It has a small footprint of only 16 x 16cm and a total height of 47 cm.

The power consumption is a miserly 8w and the pump is a modified German unit so good quality and reliability.

Adjustment is smooth, and all threads are above water so will remain that way. the skimmer cup has a professional bayonet fitting so removal and reattachment can be done with one hand in a smooth motion. This stops spillage compared to many other skimmers that have just push fit with recessed o rings. the skimmer cup lid has a deflector so in the event of over skimming there is less likelihood of a big mess.

Abyss give this Skimmer a 9 out of 10 score it would be 10 apart from the way the silencer mounts. There is no big problem here, but it is easy to knock loose. Just as easy to put back though.

Nyos 120 Protein Skimmer from Nyos a German firm based in Stuttgart. A beautiful historic city but also some of the best engineering companies in the world reside here. Porch, Bosh, Mercedes to name but a few. The Nyos 120 finds itself in a market of hundreds of skimmers from many, many companies. At a glance a lot of them look alike how on Earth do you choose? Most people take the web to read myriads of reviews as well as multitudes of opinions. Only to end up buying the best marketed and most influenced products.

Choosing Is actually easy.

The best way to make a choice that’s important and costly is to actually see it in the flesh. The Nyos 120, beautifully crafted from the best materials with much thought going into the design. As soon as you see a Quantum 120 Protein Skimmer up close you will agree that it is perfectly formed. Some of that Stuttgart heritage is at work here . Crystal clear acrylic no ripples or distortions unlike many that could be mentioned, speaks of the pride its built with. The Quantum has been with us since 2014 but has never had the heavy marketing of some of its rivals. Being from a relatively small company it has had to earn its own fan base via its own merits.

What’s Good about the Nyos 120 Protein Skimmer

Well we have talked about the quality now what are its features? The heart of any skimmer is the pump but so many have an off the shelf cheap Chinese job, not the Nyos 120 Protein Skimmer. Designed and built in house with the requirement’s for the skimmer firmly in mind. Bayonet fitting for the cup no cheap o rings here anyone who has thrown the skimmate all over will understand this. Titanium screws that will not snap during maintenance.


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